Do you have a seawall?

Maple Lake

The shoreline is where many property owners experience erosion.  This can have multiple causes though a primary reason is the loss of native plants both in the lake and on the shore.  In the past a seawall was the only solution for erosion control.  Seawalls cause many problems for the lake and neighboring properties.   Wildlife that need to get in and out of the lake (i.e. turtles need to lay their eggs on land) find a wall they cannot climb.  Seawalls cause erosion on neighboring properties and erode the lake bottom (scour) because the wave energy hitting the wall goes sideways and downward.  There are alternatives for erosion control that are healthier for the lake.

The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership promotes a system of lake friendly bio-engineered techniques for shoreline erosion control instead of seawalls. See the MNSP website for more information and a listing of MNSP Certified Natural Shoreline Professionals that can help. 

Problems with Seawalls