How does the survey work?

The Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program is a free online survey created for individual inland lake property owners to rate their management practices.  There are three different levels that can be achieved, Gold, Silver and Bronze that indicate property management practices are helping to protect the lake.   If a property doesn’t qualify for these a “Starter Level” will be indicated.    Every property is different.  Some will qualify right away, some will need some improvements and others may not be able to qualify at all.   If your property does not currently qualify some suggestions for improving your score will be provided at the end.  Once improvements are made the survey can be taken again.   Properties that have a seawall installed after December 30, 2018 cannot score higher than the “Starter Level” (Properties With Seawalls)

 A personalized certificate, ability to print survey results and suggestions for improvement and upload pictures to show case a property  are provided for registered participants only.  There is also an option to purchase a sign for qualifying properties.  If you start anonymously and you decide you want to register you can “Save and Register” at any time throughout the survey. 

The survey has a total of 38 questions though not everyone will be asked every question because some may not apply to a specific property.  It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Each question has its own page with information to help you along the way.  Some answers will have a “Help” button that can provide more information about that specific answer.  In addition, below each question, there will be more information that will help you to understand more about the question topic.

Example Survey Question