Working, Educating and Advocating for Quality Lake Living since 1963.

About Us

The Pickerel-Crooked Lakes Association is a registered non-profit organization that supports measures which contribute to the healthy environment of these connected lakes. We work with governmental and environmental groups to promote and endorse projects to enhance water quality and deal with issues that can negatively impact this vital waterway.

PCLA guards our wetlands by working to reduce shoreline erosion. We also educate residents and visitors about what  they can do to protect this irreplacable natural resource. Pickerel and Crooked Lakes comprise a rich, beautiful habitat. We encourage you to keep it healthy for the next generation, while you enjoy it to the fullest.

PCLA Activities and Accomplishments

  • Established educational kiosks at water access sites in the community.
  • Regularly sponsor boating safety courses.
  • Participate in local festivals and parades to raise awareness of water issues.
  • Monitor waterways for detection of invasive species and water quality.
  • Contribute to land acquisition projects for land protection and conservation.
  • Participate in aquatic vegetation surveys.
  • Partner with DNRE to protect and promote sport fishing.
  • Work with other organizations and/or agencies on legislation to protect and maintain waterways.

Dudley Marvin, PCLA President
Phone: 231-439-0169, Email: dudley@staffords.com
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