In 1974, the Gravel Lake Association was incorporated under Michigan Public Act 137 of 1929. Its mission is to maintain the Gravel Lake water resource by providing for lake, fish, and wildlife protection; by maintaining the proper water level as directed by state regulations; by marsh and weed control; by detecting sources of water pollution, and by assuring that the proper authorities take appropriate action with respect thereto on all water adjacent to the land of its members. Furthermore, this association shall promote respect for the lake and all those using the lake including water regulations so that all may enjoy Gravel Lake to its fullest.

About Us
August 1, 2015
Sandra Vox
Shoreline Restoration 2011
At the president's house
Melissa DeSimone

The Gravel Lake Association exists to maintain and improve the environmental and social quality of the Gravel Lake watershed and community. It is through the efforts of many that we can boast a clean, healthy lake with highly desirable real estate surrounding it. Strong volunteerism in conjunction with conscientious decision-making allows us to successfully complete the various projects which we pursue.

Melissa DeSimone, Secretary
Phone: 708-228-2235, Email: madunigan@gmail.com
Craig DeSimone, President
Phone: 773-750-5922, Email: cucad4@hotmail.com