Promote community preservation and conservation efforts to ensure the healthy future of Paradise Lake and its surrounding watershed.  

About Us

For over 40 years, the Paradise Lake Association has promoted an understanding and appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of owners of riparian lands. We have taken a leadership role in promoting the preservation of Paradise Lake and its watershed, including connecting creeks, rivers, streams, and wetlands. We communicate and advocate sound environmental solutions involving lake level, water safety, water pollution, weed control, and indiscriminate or over development of waterfront and wetlands . We work with and promote Federal, State and local government bodies and organizations concerned with water quality and environmental issues and to advocate water quality programs to benefit local residents.        

Barry Potter, Treasurer
Phone: 2318817320, Email: barrypotter@paradiselakeassociation.org
Greg Torsky, President
Phone: 231-758-0586, Email: gtorsky@yahoo.com